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Your mobile will return
as new as you bought it

Specialized in all mobile problems

With free delivery to your door

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Screen problems are not a problem anymore

The first site specialized in immediate maintenance

The fastest service with the best quality

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Maintenance for all types of laptops

The highest technologies with the best prices

The longest guarantee period in Egypt

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The first delivery maintenance in Egypt
We will reach you to the door of your house

With Fox4Smart, fix your problem from your home

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Why Fox4Smart must be your choice?

Mobile Maintenance

You can repair your phone, regardless of its type. There are all spare parts for all types of mobile phones, with the highest quality, longest warranty, and fastest maintenance time, with the latest scientific technologies.

Laptop Maintenance

 If your laptop breaks down ,now with us you can return it as new and better.All types are available to us through a specialized work team. Without leaving the house and with the longest guarantee period.

Screen Maintenance

 If your screen is broken, and its cost for repair is higher than 80% of its price, even if your screen cuts out the sound or image of the solution, we have all the panels and all the spare parts of the screen, whatever their type or size

Fox Shop

We have in the Fox Shop, you can buy, sell or exchange your devices with the latest models and the lowest price difference, and also the best price for your old device.

Spare parts not available in Egypt

If you have a device that its spare parts are not available in Egypt, now with us we can provide them to you and deliver it to the door of your house.

Companies and factories contracts

If you have a company, factory, or office, and you have devices that need periodic maintenance now, you can contract us with a simple monthly subscription and guarantee the safety of your devices and take care of you with Fox’s contracts.

Maintenance of hard drives and data recovery

 If your hard disk is broken or has been format,now with us we can bring all of your lost data and files in a fastest time.

Process Cycle